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Scalp massage helps you relax. Massaging your head helps to increase circulation in your scalp. Increased circulation amplifies the amount of red blood cells in your scalp. More red blood cells mean that growth and rejuvenation is possible. When rejuvenation occurs, the scalp produces more hair follicles. A daily scalp massage helps to increase the amount of hair you grow each month. Scalp massage feels great and can help you feel more relaxed and content. If the face is included in the scalp massage, as is often the case, it can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, because the face is less pinched when relaxed. The effect of scalp massage on hair can be seen on a cellular level as well. The stretching forces exerted on the hair follicles during scalp massage actually change the gene expression of the hair cells, according to a Japanese study of 9 men massaging half of their heads for a 24-day period. Over the course of the study, researchers found that scalp massage increased hair thickness on the massaged side of the head in the balding men who participated.